The Blues

I connect with blues because I feel it is the most primal genre. I can play proficiently in pretty much any style, but blues allows me to be who I am. And every genre sounds better with a little(or a lot of) blues guitar in it. The guitar’s open strings in standard tuning even naturally suggests a blues sequence in the key of A. When modern music began in the 1800’s all we had was blues. Modern music came from blues. We must all come to understand blues to understand what we came from and how anchor us into the future. My blues influences are Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton.

Special Notes

Learning to play guitar can be very intimidating, and getting into playing without a clear game plan will mean many frustrating hours of practice that could have been better spent on actually reaching your specific musical goals. Let's face it, you only have a certain number of minutes or hours per day to focus on your guitar development…so doesn't it make sense to have a clear-cut game plan on how to improve? My proven methods are for you if just want to have fun on your instrument right now and get to playing some of your favorite songs within a few short weeks!