Teaching Guitar Lessons in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Want to learn guitar…but don’t know where to start?
Are you frustrated with teachers/methods that just aren’t working?
Do you just want to start playing REAL MUSIC…but feel that it will be years away?
Well…You no longer have to feel frustrated!  The remarkable Dyce Kimura is teaching guitar lessons in Fort Lauderdale & Miami area.

Call Dyce today to schedule a lesson or to get more information: 786-457-3687

Dyce cuts through all of the confusion. He gives you the tools you need to have fun and to start jamming right away with songs that you want to play.


Lessons cover:

  • Basic chords
  • Advanced chords
  • Learning songs
  • Improvising
  • Scales
  • Song writing
  • Ear-training
  • Learning song by ear
  • Reading charts
  • Reading tabs and
  • Reading sheet music

Your friends will be impressed at how fast you are learning—because Dyce consistently get students playing REAL SONGS WITHIN THE FIRST FEW LESSONS.

Teaching Guitar Lessons in Fort Lauderdale & Miami
So how does he do it?

  • Right away you’ll start learning how to play basic chords.
  • So soon after that, you’ll put those chords together to form little jams that you can actually play!
  • The very next step is to combine those chords in to songs that all your friends can sing along with
  • Within the first few months you’ll learn some basic improvising and soloing techiques.

Dyce will teach everything from rhythmic structures and chord structures—to stage presence and how to select—and use—the right music gear!”

To parents of young children.

I have experience teaching students as young as 5. However, for children under 12, I’d appreciate it if a parent remains present during the lesson to help with supervision.”

Breaking News

Dyce also teaches voice training.

He is a seasoned singer and regularly performs as a singer.
You can learn how to sing and command the stage at his custom home studio -- complete with all the necessary gear and equipment needed to get you rockin'!

Special Note

Learning to play guitar can be very intimidating, and getting into playing without a clear game plan will mean many frustrating hours of practice that could have been better spent on actually reaching your musical goals. Let's face it, you only have a certain number of minutes or hours per day to focus on your guitar development…so doesn't it make sense to have a clear-cut game plan on how to improve? Dyce's proven methods will get you playing some of your favorite songs within a few short weeks!

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