About Me


At just age 19, Dyce Kimura left Japan for America with only a guitar and a duffel bag full of clothes. His dream was to become a professional musician—which he realized in just 2 years, becoming an established pro playing sessions, teaching and gigging 7 nights a week. Dyce’s passion and diligence as a musician are evident—but the incredible personal highs and lows he has experienced have provided this guitarist, singer and songwriter with one of the most honest, raw and unique musical voices on today’s scene.

Looking back, there was never a doubt that Kimura would be anything but a musician. While visiting relatives in Japan at age 5, he discovered an old guitar in his grandparents’ home: “I just knew right then I would be a guitarist.” He pestered his parents to buy him his own guitar and pay for lessons, and from that point he never looked back…

Soon, Dyce single-mindlessly, ruthlessly pursued being the best guitarist he could possibly be—doing so at all costs. He was exposed to all the dangers the music scene provides, including the drugs and ‘characters’ of the Fort Lauderdale music scene. At first, it was difficult to pursue his passion, while navigating these dangers. However, Dyce eventually found peace and fulfillment by serving in the church, playing spiritually uplifting music, and maintaining sobriety.

Dyce also plays weekly at Lighthouse Community Church as the resident Director of Music.  Using his music to positively impact the community is very important for Dyce and he gets great joy in helping others reach a higher state of being thru music.

Dyce is currently teaching guitar and voice in person and through Skype full-time in his own personal studio. He is in high demand and—proud of the fact that he is turning out many soon-to-be pros and semi-pros, and helping others achieve their musical goals as hobbyists. Meanwhile, Dyce is busy expanding his YouTube presence, creating a series of innovative guitar lesson videos, and promoting his new beginner-series guitar lesson DVD.

When Dyce is not playing guitar or serving in his community, he spends his time with his lovely wife Valerie and his children Isaiah and Naomi.

Current Gear

  • Martin DCX1E acoustic
  • PRS 513 (Private Stock)
  • Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro
  • Fender USA Stratocaster SRV signature series
  • Custom Pavel Electric
  • Fender Relic Telecaster
  • Fender Billm Modded Blues Juniors
  • Boss TU-3
  • Ibanez TS808 Hand Wired
  • Analogman King of Tone
  • MXR Carbon Copy
  • Mogami Cables
  • Dunlop Tortex 0.73mm Picks
  • Celestion Greenback speakers
  • Analogman Boss TR-2
  • Vox wah pedal
  • Mogami Cables
  • TAD Tubes

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